Tatra T87 1937, MCG (Model Car Group) 1:18

LIAZ 100 s návěsem Dumper, Premium ClassiXXs 1:43

Wikov 35 Kapka 1931, AutoCult 1:43

LIAZ 110 a chladírenský přívěs Orličan N13CH, Premium ClassiXXs 1:43

Tatra T815 S1 Sklápěč 1983, Premium ClassiXXs 1:43

LIAZ 100 ČSAD s návěsem (plachta), Premium ClassiXXs 1:43

Škoda-LIAZ 706 MTTN a chladírenský přívěs Orličan N12CH Alka VEB Saatzucht, Premium ClassiXXs 1:43

Tatra T87 1937 (Black), MCG (Model Car Group) 1:18

Tatra 603 1969, BoS Models 1:18, Black

Model cars

Model cars in our own stock -

Our eshop sells model cars 1/18, 1/43 and other scales. Die-cast model cars we delivery to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Individually we can send model cars to other countries in the EU but only with payment before shipping. You can pay by bank transfer (SEPA payments in the EU). In the past we have sent some model cars for example to the UK, to Spain or to Germany.

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